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Jul 09 2013 - 08:00 PM
Using iPads in Early Childhood Education

This video focuses on the benefits of using iPad technology in early childhood education. Veteran teacher Frances Judd describes how technology can be used to enhance socio-emotional learning as well as skills development. For teachers who feel timid about using digital tools in the classroom, she advises them to choose learning apps that match the proper age and development of learners.

With over 25 years of experience, Mrs. Judd knows a thing or two about child development. Passionate about educating young learners as well as game design, this expert teacher has partnered with KBooM!, a Chicago-based social media and gaming company focused on customized social gaming. The aim of their work is deepening human relationships while having a good time. Throw Mrs. Judd into the mix, and it’s the perfect combination of learning, technology and fun. Together they are working on building engaging and interactive mobile games and apps.

Have you incorporated iPads and apps into your classroom? Any words of wisdom you wish to share? Let the world know through Vialogues.

@01:19 elisa.brazil: I agree that it is important to encompass socio-emotional development, and though she alludes that one example may be fostering a sense of place in the world and having value, I am curious about how to operationalize the encouragement of socio-emotional development through apps and games. Can anyone chime in on this?

(In response) Glamorgan: I am not an expert, but there are digital games out there that encourage kids to work together, which teaches basic but important skills like sharing, and being a team player. In this video, I think the point about encouraging a sense of adventure could foster curiosity in kids.

01:48 sesackey: Children are greatly impacted by technology especially starting at a young age. The visual stimulation alone has huge effects on a child's thinking pattern. Used in the proper way devices such as the iPad can bring about revolutionary methods of teaching and learning.

|By: Laura Scheiber|914 Reads