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Jun 12 2019 - 03:50 PM
Getting In or Getting Out: College Admissions - Cafe Collection Book Display

Our new cafe book display is up at Everett Cafe, 1st floor of Gottesman Libraries.! Come join us and play the game!

Concept of the Collection

Operation Varsity Blues is the latest scandal in college admissions, arising from greed and the pressure experienced by many, especially the wealthiest, to get into the "best" schools, at whatever the cost. But what does this frenzy say about the big business of higher education? Test prep, cheating, lying, and buying your way in are symptomatic of a larger societal problem in the way we look at college and all that we hope it brings.

Let’s target the need for common sense and ethics in the college admissions process, so we can get out of this mess and embrace good and meaningful steps toward the ultimate goal of higher education.

Visualizing the Theme

The conditions, materials collecting, and the different types of efforts people put into the college admission process reminded us of board games. So we decided to design our own one, inspired by "Chutes and Ladders", "Candy Land" and "Game of Life".

We designed three starting points and paths of the game, "Family made a donation", " Impressive extracurriculars", and "Work hard on score, research and paper", representing by yellow/orange , red/purple, and green/blue colors. It will be randomly decided by the first round spin number which also reflect the real life - you can't control where you were born.

There are also random events embedded in the paths, like "You forgot to save your paper", or "Your family donation is found illegal".

Fabrication Process

We used magnets to make to game work better for display. We also tried to have a balance of the gender, race, and even species of the characters you can choose to play with.

More Photos

Come Join Us and Play!

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