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May 28 2019 - 12:50 PM
Memorable Learning Mnemonics

Looking at the plants around EdLab, I found myself thinking, "zip up the xylem, flow down the phloem," a mnemonic I had learned in high school bio to illustrate how plants take in and release water and nutrients.

Out of curiosity, does anyone else have particularly memorable mnemonics? Any that have surprised you by their lasting power and/or usefulness? I'd be interested to hear [read] them.

Another one that came to me recently when tutoring grade students in math was the fraction rap:

"multiplying fractions is no big problem

its tops times tops and bottoms times bottoms

when dividing fractions, don't ask why*

flip the second one over and multiply"

*while I don't condone discouraging students from asking why, this was a memorable rhyme nonetheless.

|By: Christine Odenath|1246 Reads