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Jan 06 2019 - 10:28 PM
Lack of Funding for Refugee Students

Refugee students face a lot of problems. They have to deal with a new environment, language, and way of teaching and learning. Jordan, already home to over a million refugees from Palestine, has had to deal with another set of refugees from the conflict in Syria and other regions such as Chechnya. Through aid from other nations, Jordan has been able to provide adequate needs and services to refugee students and their families. However, that is all set to end soon

Earlier last year, the government in Jordan faced backlash when they introduced tax increases that led to civil unrest. Additionally, the U.S. government has stopped all funding for the U.N.'s Palestinian refugee agency. This will affect over 120,000 students. The effects are already been felt in Jordanian schools, where some has seen a 15% decrease in enrollment. Other funding governments such as the UK, Germany and the EU have also decreased funding. However, not all hope is lost. Aid agencies and non-profit organizations are picking up the slack and trying to ensure refugee students in Jordan and elsewhere have a shot at life. 


|By: Abdoulie Waggeh|1225 Reads