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Jan 01 2019 - 08:45 PM
Data Labeling and Artificial Intelligence

Check out this story from Motherboard about how human labor is driving advancements in the A.I. industry. It provides an overview of what is involved in the training of algorithms (and how we might be doing the same thing every time reCAPTCHA asks us to click on all the cars, sighs, bikes, signs, etc). 

Some highlights:

The artificial intelligence industry relies on this cheap, human labor as algorithms and “machine learning” are in many cases trained by real people.

“It’s something that requires a lot of physical labour.” Yang said. “You can’t expect people who have such high salaries to do this labor-intensive work, so you have to outsource this.”

“We are doing something very basic, but we are [also] a very important part of it, helping the robots learn and see a bunch of data,” said Wang

|By: Hui Soo Chae|1490 Reads