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Oct 29 2018 - 04:55 PM
SmashingConf 2018

Last Week, Patrick and I went to the SmashingConf held in the Midtown. SmashingConf is a great event focusing on design and front-end filed.

The conference is one track, two-day event with two days workshop. Amazing speakers including John Meade( as Mystery Speaker),  Debbie Millman (will run for NYC mayor election?! ) shared knowledge including how to coop between designers and front-end developers, how to improve the performance of webpage, the marketing strategies,  how to increase website accessibility, how to build PWA and why and etc.

The workshops I attended were talking about vue.js(light front-end frame) and web accessibility (Screen Reader, MS high contrast mode)

Some of the photos:

Fun fact:

Collaborative Docs:

Just like open source, everyone contributes to the community!

Top contributors got free books as a reward!

For anyone who interested: click here

Conference badge:

A great example of  good UI design

Amazing DJ Tobi

Sample the talks and remix them during the break. Really cool

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