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Jul 24 2018 - 09:22 AM
Global Education-D-n-R

Group 1:

Mamadou is a pious Muslim who lives with his three daughters living in a tiny village Mauritania. Despite not receiving an education, he’s aware of its importance. He wants to send his three daughters to school, but he fears that his conservative community will not allow him to do so. How can we help Mamadou convince the village to allow him to send his daughters to school?

Group 2:

Bangladesh has just received $300 million in aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to address their educations woes. How should the Bangladeshi government allocate the money?

Group 3:

Eduardo is a teacher at an elementary school in La Paz, Bolivia. He has not been paid about a month and is close to quitting and finding a new job. If you are the Bolivia government, how can you convince him to stay?

Group 4:

Yemen is currently going through a civil war that has led to a huge humanitarian crisis. As a result, a large number of school-aged children are out of the classroom. You are a large global non-profit organization working with national governments to provide education for the displaced students. Provide your educational plan for the students.

|By: Alseny Barry|1381 Reads