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Jul 04 2018 - 12:08 AM
It's Time We Face Our Public Education Woes

In my previous blog post, I talked about President Trump and Secretary of Education Besty Davo's plan to give more money and create more opportunities for parents to send their children to private and charter schools. But are private and charter schools really that much better than public schools?

There is a common belief that charter schools are better than public schools. However, research indicates this is not the case. In this article for the Bookings Institute, renowned education researcher Diane Ravitch argues that charter schools are not that much better than public schools. She cites that in a national study of charter schools, researchers found that " 17 percent were superior to a matched traditional public school; 37 percent were worse than the public school, and the remaining 46 percent had academic gains no different from that of a similar public school. The proportion of charters that get amazing results is far smaller than 17 percent"

Our public education system needs to be re-established with a concentration on non-school factors such as creating a climate that supports family involvement. Studies have shown teacher quality matters, but non-school factors such as income and parents involvement are pivotal to student academic success.

|By: Alseny Barry|1167 Reads