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Apr 06 2018 - 09:56 AM
EdLabber Spotlights: The Research and Development Teams

Responsible for creating, maintaining, and assessing our online learning tools and ecosystems, the Research and Development teams are critical to advancing our mission at EdLab. We'd be nowhere without their commitment to all things data and code! 

Below you'll meet just a few members of our R&D teams. To learn about the rest, peruse our "People" page

What’s your most exciting project? How do you see it impacting the way people learn?

SeungYeon Lee, Postdoctoral Researcher 

My most exciting project so far was analyzing the status of different EdLab account users. More specifically, I conducted an in-depth research on the users’ interaction patterns on Vialogues, classifying numerous users into a few different categories based on their usage patterns. In my opinion, this is very impactful in a sense that we can understand different users of the video-based discussion platform and it would serve as an important first step in tailoring and personalizing educational materials for each and every one of the students.

Ching-Fu Lan, Research Associate

The real-time locating system (RTLS, Quuppa) at the Smith Learning Theater. As of now, our RTLS is at its infant stage and provides only location information of the learners. In the near future, I envision it can serve as a communication hub for each learner and enable adapted learning experiences and social activities in the physical learning environment in real time (similar to what the wearable medallion can do for personalized cruise entertainment experiences, but in the context of learning and education). 

What sets an EdLab developer apart from the rest of the pack? 

Ziyin Feng, Software Engineer
Our hair volume is above the industry’s average!

What development tool couldn’t you live without?

Srujan Routhu, Software Developer

Git, or any other Version Control System (VCS). Life as a programmer would've been SO MUCH HARDER without a VCS. I might get the logo of Git tattooed.

You vs. AI: Who wins? 

Patrick Matherly, Software Engineer 

If the competition was being the most human I would win... probably. If it was a specific task, such as beating a video game or finding the fastest route on a map I would definitely lose...

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