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Mar 20 2018 - 12:50 PM
EdLabber Spotlights: The Design Team

From interactive art exhibitions to Learning Theater set design, our design team adds a magical touch to everything we do here at EdLab! If their tales of frog tape, Shia Labeaof, and calipers intrigue you, we invite you to take a deeper dive into their work on Rhizr.  

What’s been one of the most memorable design challenges that you’ve faced here at EdLab?

Veronica Black, Designer 

During one of my first seminars we were asked to come up with a promo pitch for the library. The video team set up a green screen, groups brainstormed, and magic happened... I got a little silly. The promo video I presented for my team was a fun mix between Billy Mays "OxiClean" commercials and Shia Labeouf's "Just Do It" video. With the help of the video team and some cool special effect by Shia, my promo video was a success. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and let my colleagues see my silly side. It gave me a chances to think critically about the value of libraries and cultivate some new ideas for supporting my workplace.

Show us a cool thing you made. #ShowAndTell 

Renata Gaui, Designer 

For the current exhibit at the Offit Gallery, I had to do a lot of versions of the plynth's tops before we pinned down the final version of how to fabricate it. We wanted to make it on wood (to mimic an actual floor when the AR app is activated) and it had to be a very recognizable and distinguishable AR tags for the iphone/ipad App, so there was a lot of challenge in creating as much detail and contrast for better individual recognition, while optimizing the production process. We tried paint, paper, vinyl, surface mounting glue, wood glue, double sided tape, frog tape, stencil, spray paint...I was all over the place with this. ‏

What’s a design tool you couldn’t live without?

Angela Perrone, Designer 

Call me old (school) but the pencil, in all of its tangible beauty, is a powerful tool of design that I could not live without. There is something to be said for the magic of the tactile tool, simple as it may be, using it to hand-draw a sketch effortlessly but with physical intention is incomparable to anything else. But not just any pencil. It takes years to find that one with the perfect weight, tilt, feel and physical aesthetic that matches one's hand and artistry perfectly. 

Zoe Logan, Lead Designer 

My Caliper is my favorite tool. It is precise and works in Metric or Imperial (like me).

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