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Mar 09 2018 - 11:40 AM
EdLabber Spotlights: The Write Team

Welcome to the beginning of the end (of the week)!

As part of an effort to highlight our culture, individual achievements, and charmingly quirky brand of humor, I will be posting "EdLabber Spotlights" over the coming weeks. Each will be centered on a different EdLab work group. 

To start us off: Hi, Publishing Team :) 

What edtech trend most thrills/terrifies you? 

Brian Sweeting, Digital Publishing Manager 

I am mostly thrilled (and only slightly terrified) by the future of VR/AR technology. It's exciting to think of the potential learning opportunities there and I'm looking forward to seeing how VR content improves in the next few years (and what research comes out of that). In the meantime, let's just all watch Black Mirror and read Ready Player One so we don't screw this up. 

What is the most valuable piece of writing/editing advice you’ve ever received?

Ryan Allen, Publishing and Content Creation Associate

My reaction when I see an article pitch has been rejected...

In all seriousness, writing for NLT has helped me learn to take rejection. It makes me a stronger writer and creator. 

William Carrington, Copy Editor 

A great piece of advice I got when I started working at EdLab is "the perfect is the enemy of the good," which basically means that sometimes, rather than agonize over something endlessly, it's better to pass it along for feedback even if it's not perfect. I think this is especially true in the early stages of the writing process when self-consciousness and perfectionism can get in the way of even starting to get your ideas out.

Sara Hardman, Publishing and Content Creation Associate

Have actual readers in mind when you're writing so that your pieces are more personality-filled and human. Writing about robots is fun. Writing like a robot is the worst.

If you could create a New Learning Times content stream, what would it be?

Melanie Hering, Publishing and Content Creation Associate

I would love to spearhead an NLT podcast variety show called “Assorted Fruits” featuring news, product reviews, performances, special guests, and advice from the EdLab Publishing Team. 

Debra Lee, Publishing and Content Creation Associate

A weekly blog about Tesla's Starman covering his journey through space in a Roadster: fictional projections, tension and drama would drive this high stakes narrative to a conclusion that is revealed when Starman is rediscovered.

What's your favorite piece ever published in New Learning Times?

George Nantwi, Learning Experience Researcher and Product Manager

My favorite piece ever published on NLT might be obvious but it was the Seen In New York (SiNY) on Ellis Island. It was an interesting and timely piece that has resonance beyond EdLab. At a time when immigration in our country and much of the developed world is such a heated and contentious topic, the SiNY was a timely and important reminder about our values as a nation and the allure that compels people from all corners of the world to move here. More importantly, it taught the elementary students an important lesson in not just in history, but empathy as they had to relive the experiences of those who first set foot on Ellis Island a century ago. I can watch that video over and over and still get the same feeling.

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