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Nov 04 2017 - 02:01 PM
Vialogues Presentation@UN

As some of you know, yesterday (11/3) I presented my research and development works on video-based learning (including Vialogues) to a group of audience at United Nations. By the time I started presenting there were about 60 participants from all over the world, who I believe are people from the UN human resource departments of their various headquarters interested in using video for professional development.

I am sharing the link to my presentation, which will have a permanent web archive:

To navigate the slides, click the "down" arrow key (or press DOWN on the keyboard") until you reach the last slide in the vertical direction of the current section, then click "right" to go to the next section. You can also press ESC to see the whole presentation structure.

The instructional models in my presentation of using video for learning and professional development can be useful for us to think about the future of Vialogues and Rhizr.

Some questions I remember from the audience are:

  • Is Vialogues free? -- Yes.
  • Does Vialogues work on low-bandwidth devices such as mobile phone? -- At present non-premium users' videos are not optimized for low-bandwidth devices. But we do have the plan to support low-bandwidth devices.
  • Can Vialogues be used in LMS such as Moodle? -- Yes, as long as the LMS supports iframe HTML codes.
  • How does Vialogues support international users? -- 1) Vialogues already supports non-English user inputs. 2) Right now the UI is in English only but you can use Google Translate. 3) We are working on automatic video transcription and the English transcription may have translations of other languages by individual requests.
  • How does ElasticSearch work in Vialogues? What is the benefit of using ElasticSearch? -- I showed them theĀ ElasticSearch slide in my presentation.
  • Does Vialogues conform to SCORM standards? -- No. But in our future releases we may adopt an instructional design standard such as SCORM or the latest Tin Can API. This depends on how our roadmap is planned.

In addition, I created a tutorial video for the webinar on how to register an EdLab account and create a vialogue. This video could be useful to be added to the Vialogues Knowledge Base which new users can refer to.

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