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Aug 10 2017 - 07:44 AM
Budget Crisis From The Past

I’m currently working on archiving the New York State School Finance Reform project materials into PocketKnowledge. I am learning a lot of interesting information about school funding through this project. The section I am currently working on focuses on former Governor George Pataki and the way he handled the budget crisis for educational needs during his tenure. Many Pataki’s decisions had major consequences for educators, students, and their families. For instance, he stopped funding many afterschool programs that also served as a tutoring center.    


I vividly remember when the team of tutors from my afterschool program during my middle school years announced that they would not be around during one summer nor come back the following year. This caused a lot of anxiety and concern among parents, including my own. At the time, I was not aware of the policies that led to the closure of my after school programs. It is through this project that I am learning how Pataki’s policies directly impacted me.  

|By: Francisco Mendoza|1053 Reads