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Jul 26 2017 - 12:19 AM
Unprepared High School Graduates

High school is designed to prepare any student for college academics. In the united states, different states have disparate requirements to graduate. In Washington DC, Maryland the general requirement to obtain a high school diploma is 24 credits. However, despite graduation rates rapidly increasing in the past years, students are not gaining the essentials skills to be successful in college.  Recent low scores on exams have shown schools are giving out diplomas to students who are not prepared for college.  In 2016, 69 percent graduates graduated within four years. In addition, more than half of the students do not meet the math and reading requirements.

To alter the graduation requirement one teacher suggest the district to focus on mastering content rather than credit requirements. For example, in courses teachers have to rapidly teach throughout the year regardless if students comprehend the content or not.  College is certainly a level that requires explicit skills. What do you think schools around the country need to implement to prepare students for the demanded level in college? 

|By: Alseny Barry|1270 Reads