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Jul 09 2017 - 05:55 PM
The Chilling Effects of Internet Surveillance

Internet surveillance appears to be growing as governments around the world devote more resources to tracking online behavior.  In fact, the US is now tracking the online behavior of so many citizens that it is unable to provide a count of just how many are being followed online.  Jonathan Penney examined surveillance and the impact on individuals and determined that the chilling effects of such surveillance are not evenly distributed.  Women and younger internet users appear to be more sensitive to the impact of surveillance and more likely to curtail their online speech accordingly. This pattern can have secondary effects on the development of public opinion and general knowledge sharing. Libraries have been at the forefront of maintaining spaces that aim to be free from surveillance of individual online behavior, and it may be increasingly important to maintain such spaces in the future.

|By: Gary Natriello|1558 Reads