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May 11 2017 - 10:13 AM
Are College Campus Visits Important?

As a high school senior, when making the decision of which college to attend it is recommended by counselors and principals to visit the college campus. This although can be proven counterintuitive. College tours may hinder the student’s perception of the college and what can potentially be the right choice for him/her. Our imagination can be misleading, as our mind collects small pieces of information and creates a conclusion. A great tour with a great group of people, fun, caring, and loving can lead to a student thinking the school may have a similar atmosphere. Also, in the same way, an unpleasant tour may paint an unpleasant picture of what four years can be like in that university. Imagination is not a reliable tool; it disregards certain features in a way that we don’t notice what we have made up or what is missing.  This can be a disproportionate effect on decision making of a student’s college and future career. The correct approach to deciding which college to attend is asking those who have experienced the atmospheres. They know the school as they have been there and worked there. In my college visits, I noticed something disproportionate. I had visited Union College, and fell in love with the campus, the people and atmosphere. When visiting another college, no other school’s atmosphere could compare to Union College. I would disregard if it was a better school for my career, just by the looks of the school. I did not want that to happen again with my final decision on what university to attend. I did not want to be blinded by something as little as perfect dorms or a dining room. I wanted a college that would benefit me and my career and that is why I did not visit my top choices.  

|By: Carlos Pena|1021 Reads