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Mar 31 2017 - 12:02 AM
Why Study Economics?

As the year concludes and college acceptance (and rejection) letters begin to roll in, high schools seniors like myself have to face the inevitable and difficult decision to start thinking about committing to a major and ultimately a career.

I have decided to pursue economics as my undergraduate major. I’ve always had a deep interest in the topic. Economics is about people; it is the science of human behavior. Economics provide quantitative and computational tools that will allows us to understand and solve some of the world’s most complex problems. From big data analysis to fiscal policy, economics is mathematics, research, and well-being. I want to study economics to understand people’s behaviors, the effects of their choices, and how to utilize those concepts to make a positive impact in the world. Ultimately, I want to help people and studying economics will allow me to accomplish my goal of solving problems and improving people’s lives.

|By: Carlos Pena|994 Reads