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Aug 24 2005 - 05:58 PM
(Further) thoughts and feedback on today's edLab Seminar?
Hi Everyone, Attached please find the note that Hui Soo summed up (with some small modifications from Lin) of today's EdLab Seminar session on “how to support teaching through online tutorials/educational programs.â€? The session was very informative to me. The solutions from both small groups confirmed me of my own belief in creating an active online community of teachers/practitioners, in addition to providing resources, cases, quick tutorials for beginners, good and bad practice examples for professors/instructors about teaching. The results were not what I had intended, which was to get some quick tips on various ways to deliver online tutorials; yet, the results are better and more useful for me. I am more convinced that the virtual presence (website) of the Teaching Support Group should be a “community of practiceâ€? or “communities of practices.â€? Thanks everyone! Please feel free to add comments and thoughts. I would also appreciate any feedback on the facilitation of the session, e.g., how you would conduct the session (or any part of the session) differently. Thanks, Lin
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