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Jul 24 2016 - 11:18 PM
Moral Education for Children
I remember when I was in elementary school in Ghana, I was required to take a "Religious and Moral Education" class. As the name implies, this class was intended to teach students morals and the importance of tolerating other people regardless of their race, religion, gender or ethnicity. However, one of the challenges facing current religious education is that some teachers might try to impose their personal views on students. This piece in the Economist argues that it is very risky to allow religious education policies to be implemented in schools. It is important to note that moral values like respect, integrity and honesty all overlap regardless of an individual's religious beliefs. I believe children's religious beliefs should be instilled in them by their parents. Schools should only focus on inculcating good habits in children in order to foster development for our increasingly global society.
|By: Abdul Malik Muftau|2778 Reads