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Apr 10 2016 - 04:56 PM
Outsourcing Primary Education in Liberia
Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. A recent survey that measured countries by wealth ranked Liberia 164th out of 169. The country, founded by African American slaves who returned to Africa, enjoyed a relatively peaceful and stable existence until a succession of military dictators during the mid 1900s saw a drastic decline in fortunes. Liberia's education system has not been very effective. In 2007, only 42 percent of Liberians over the age of 15 were literate. This was a major concern for the government but since it didn’t have the resources to provide free and better education for students, it turned primary schools over to a for- profit-firm. The idea of outsourcing primary education to a private, for- profit-firm has not been embraced by many, especially teachers. Additionally, the special rapporteur on the right of education from the UN thinks Liberia is violating its education rights by accepting this deal. Nonetheless, President Johnson plans to limit privatization of primary education. I believe this idea should be welcomed because it is one way to limit the for-profit-firm from having too much power. Establishing a relationship with a for-profit-firm would help to improve Liberia’s primary education system. Individuals would be able to afford to go to school, and receive better education from quality and well equipped teachers. You can read more here.
|By: Bismark Appiah|1538 Reads