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Feb 28 2016 - 10:15 PM
Fighting Against Truancy in India
For many students in Deoria, India, going to school usually ends in disappointment. Many students in this region go to school and realize their teachers did not show up. For some time now, truancy has been a major problem in India’s education system. It is one of the biggest obstacles that hampers the country from providing quality education for its students. This is why Mr. Mishra, a district education officer has taken matters into his own hands to resolve this issue. According to this piece, Mr. Mishra makes sure that teachers who are absent with no tangible reason are severely punished. He often punishes teachers by beating them with sticks. The high number of absenteeism disrupts students’ learning. That is, students in primary schools often have low reading and writing skills. Some of the shocking statistics is that on a given day, 40 percent of the district’s teachers are absent from its 2,700 schools. This was the case when Mr. Mishra arrived in Deoria. However, his presence in Deoria has caused a major shakeup in the state’s educational system since he arrived. So far, teachers’ attendance has improved to a staggering 90 percent.
|By: Bismark Appiah|2592 Reads