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Apr 03 2007 - 01:47 PM
Student Voices
The New York Times just started a new feature for TimesSelect members: The Graduates. The premise is simple; the Times recruited eight student journalists to blog about their experience graduating from college. As of now there are two posts with nine comments. I'd like to see where this goes. My first impression is mixed. It is wise to pick individuals who have shown themselves to be excellent prose writers. But, is this type of writing compelling to anyone other than college students (most of the comments do seem to come from individuals who self-identify as class of 2007)? As many parents struggle to pay for mounting college tuition costs, is it compelling to read your child (or someone like your child) write about the evils of making money? Even if it is not compelling, it might be something that we need to be reminded of. But, by an ironically pontificating (because how can anyone pontificate without irony in the 21st century; but we pontificate nonetheless?) young person from an elite college? All of this is to say: I look forward to seeing how this forum works and the response that it generates.
Posted in: FYI|By: Jeff Frank|31001 Reads