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Jan 24 2016 - 01:32 PM
Handwriting Still Matters
When was the last time you wrote something meaningful on paper? I am sure like many of us, our phones, tablets and laptops have become our primary method for joting down notes, ideas, and letters. Our constant use of email for work, personal and academic purposes has all but eliminated our use of hand writing. In this op-ed for Time, the author agues that handwriting, despite its lack of use, still matters. She argues that “handwriting is part of our identity. Your handwriting—and your signature especially—is you—it’s part of your personal image, and it makes you unique.” Additionally, she notes the personal and warm feeling individuals feel when we receive something that is handwritten. In her eyes, there is still a special place for handwriting in today’s digital world. How often do you hand write things? Is there a future for handwriting?
|By: Daniel Agboba|1315 Reads