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Nov 29 2015 - 09:07 PM
Hip-hop Therapy Class
The increase in the mediums to which individuals can express their views doesn't seem enough for some young adults who still struggle to do so. Freedom of speech might be a right enshrined in the constitution but it takes a lot of courage for young people to express their deepest feelings or emotions, especially on hot button and controversial issues. An initiative by a charter school in the South Bronx wants to create a very open environment for students to express their thoughts through music. By putting their thoughts together in groups, students form rhymes and then share with the rest of the members. The founders of the hip-hop club capitalized on the popular nature of the genre among students to get them to express themselves in a creative manner. Some students usually rap or sing about things that make them sad, but they end up happy after realizing the joy they bring to their classmates during this therapy class.

Creativity plays a big role in education but it is often missing from today's classrooms. Students tend to learn more when they are provided with the option of generating something creative. I believe it is a great idea to use music as a tool for students to voice their opinions. Even though this program is aimed at motivating students to talk about their personal problems or feelings, they might end up talking about issues that might improve their school or community. This program can also help students who are interested in pursuing a career in music or any form of art.

|By: Abdul Malik Muftau|969 Reads