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Aug 16 2015 - 10:18 PM
How Technology Can Save Education
About 7 in 10 recent college graduates carry student debt. The average graduate owes close to $30,000. Technology might have a transformative impact to help parents and student can do something about the loans. The problem from K-12 all the way to graduate school is that every year, things cost more, but student performance remains stagnant and some even become worse. One way to fix this problem is to take online courses. For example, Georgia Tech’s online masters program in computer science. You receive a master’s degree thats as good as any Georgia Tech degree, and it costs about $7,000. Technology isn’t some sort of magic solution, but what it does is let you try a lot of different approaches that wouldn’t have been practical without it. An alternative strategy is that you want to find something as cheap as possible such as cheaper state university programs. Also, students can spend their first two years at community college or doing some stuff online – all of that matters. Ultimately you just have to pay a lot more attention to cost than people traditionally have.
|By: Kafoumba Doumbia|1954 Reads