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Jul 26 2015 - 11:36 PM
Using LinkedIn for Opportunities
LinkedIn is mainly used to connect employers to employees and vice versa. It makes the job searching process easy and fun (sometimes). I attended a workshop last month on how to use LinkedIn for employment opportunities. Below are six steps for anyone who is interested in using it for jobs and internships.
  1. Create an awesome profile with as much useful information as possible. I highly advice you don't use nicknames since it doesn't sound professional.
  2. Make sure you request people you know and vice versa from your contacts. You don't want to come off annoying to those who you do not know.
  3. Continue to add people, from your professors to classmates. This is a great way of building connections.
  4. After you make connections, you can use it to target managers and companies you are willing to work for.
  5. Reach out to intermediates so they recommend you to your targeted companies and managers. Complete this action by emailing them since it more easier and looks more official on your path instead of using LinkedIn message.
  6. Repeat all these steps again with different companies and managers. This is a great platform for networking and meeting people in higher positions.

|By: Frank Obeng|999 Reads