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Jul 21 2015 - 11:29 PM
Teaching in Smaller Groups
Identifying the needs of students tends to be one of the biggest challenges facing education. Educators tend to focus on the larger outcome of their teaching strategies and the effect it has on most students in the classroom. However, students have their own individual ways of learning and that requires more than just viewing the classroom from a one sided perspective. For instance, reading is an important aspect of learning. Students’ reading levels provide teachers with an idea of how to make teaching and learning effective for each individual student. It also fulfills the collective goal of the whole class being able to understand the materials. The vialogue below sheds more light on a course that illustrates how to teach students how to read in smaller groups. With the help of online course, participants (mostly educators) learn practical ways to analyze student data and learn new ways to enhance the learning experience of readers.

|By: Abdul Malik Muftau|1125 Reads