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Jun 27 2015 - 03:53 AM
ALA Day 1 Recap
Hello from ALA SAN FRAN! I spent the day in a 4-hour panel discussion about Diversity in Comics, followed by the Emerging Leaders poster presentations, and ending with the Zine Pavillion: Zine Swap! The Diversity in Comics was a lengthy panel divided into two sections with 15 minutes breaks. The first section covered His, Hers, Theirs in Comics, it was moderated by Robin Brenners and Tony Cliff, Tania del Rio, Brenden Fletcher, Jennifer L Hilm, and Trina Robbins composed the panel. The panel mostly focused on non-white male superheroes, women superheroes, and transgender superheroes. This panel really supported the use of web comics in schools. The second panel was about Queer Comics, moderated by Juliette Capra and Alex Woolfson, Noelle Stevenson, Ed Luce, And Mariko Tamaki made up the panel. This panel focused on the future of queer comics. I was surprised by Noelle Stevenson's fear of queer comics only being a trend and the short-lived, negative future it may hold. The Emerging Leaders poster presentations was relaxed and I really enjoyed being able to walk around! There was an interesting poster about the future of government documents. Unfortunately, it was crowded and received little detailed information about the posters. The Zine Pavillion: Zine Swap! was awesome and very welcoming. Laura, Dana, Meredith, and myself brought zines to swap! I made mine this morning, focusing on fun facts about Americas road to marriage equality! I received some great Zines in return. The energy was very collaborative and supportive. Thanks for reading my wrap-up of the first day! Until tomorrow night. Alex from #ALAAC2015
|By: Alexandra Lederman|803 Reads