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Jun 24 2015 - 06:48 PM
Technology Ruining Handwriting
Technologies are being embedded into every aspect of our lives, and even though they have endless benefits and advantages in our well being and existence, they have also destroyed some fundamental skills and knowledge we one day relied on. Technology is ruining our handwriting, the elegant script that was demanded of our parents and grandparents. Technology is constantly increasing communication speeds, and often anticipating words before our brains can send signals to our fingers and its affecting our brain from operating properly. I am personally a victim of that, I remember when my mother used to hold my hand on a blank sheet of paper with no lines in the early years of my education journey to make sure I get those basic skills. Most people aren't using their minds and they are relying on technology to make the decisions for them. Many people can barely read their own handwriting and we wondering why most students can’t perform well in Writing and reading. Cursive requirements in U.S schools have declined as access to technology increases and standardized tests do not include a cursive-learning requirement. Due to budget cuts, it is likely many states and districts will choose to have students’ type instead of write to make their workload less stressful.
|By: Kafoumba Doumbia|3225 Reads