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May 01 2015 - 02:37 PM
RC Car Controlled By Android Device Via Bluetooth
This past semester I decided to put my knowledge into practice by creating something that defined me as an engineering student. I worked on a personal project that also counted as an extra credit for my Microprocessor and Emended system class. I created a RC Car that would be controlled by android devices via Bluetooth. It might sound too technical but it is fairly simple. I used the following tools:
  • Motor Drive: It allows you to control all four wheels of the RC car.
  • Arduino Board: a very powerful Microprocessor Board that allows you to perform many different tasks.
  • Bluetooth Module: this allows you to connect and send command from your device to the arduino and the motor drive. 2 9V Batteries: gives enough power to the motor to make the RC move.
The hardware part of the project is pretty much done. The rest is building the software. There are many resources available online if you are interested in building one. The final project came out to be pretty cool and I was very satisfied.
|By: Kafoumba Doumbia|2379 Reads