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Mar 30 2015 - 02:26 PM
Autodesk Builds an Innovation Lab (Inspiration for the 4th floor?)
(Image Source) Autodesk is known for highly advanced design and 3D modeling software used by architects and designers the world over. So I definitely took notice when I read that they were designing a new innovation lab on the South Boston Waterfront (Read the Boston Globe article here). The lab is meant to foster innovation and learning for both employees, visiting scholars and entrepreneurs who would be granted 6 month residencies. What really stood out for me was the following descriptions and how inline this is with the EdLab's plans for the 4th floor learning theater experience:
Lynch said people who use the BUILD Space will have access to laser cutters, programmable milling machines, robots, and other tools. They may look at possibilities like 3-D printing or mass-producing building elements – or entire buildings – as a way to control costs and improve the quality of construction projects. “BUILD will allow entrepreneurs and students and people from industry to explore all kinds of new materials and processes,” he said.
Overall, it seems like an interesting model of both multi-use space and a convergence of stakeholders united by the desire to help disrupt and further the design and building fields. Speaking of fields, perhaps this would be a worthy EdLab field trip?
|By: Kate Meersschaert|1981 Reads