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Mar 27 2015 - 02:54 PM
Posture, Learning & Baby Robots
(Image source) Apparently "epigenetic" infant robots are a thing. And a thing that allows researchers to study infant behavior without the hassle of diaper changes or feedings. Specifically, in the case of this learning study focused on how infants map words to objects (summarized in this gizmag article), "The creation of a robot model for infant learning has far-reaching implications for how the brains of young people work." And researchers discovered that posture at time of knowledge acquisition and manipulation of objects, does in-fact impact learning. My Questions: I wonder what this research will mean for early learning programs and their design? Will body posture be given primacy to other modes to facilitate learning? If so, how will this manifest? How do traditional chairs and tables play-into this? Furthermore, what do you think of using robotic stand-ins for human infants?
|By: Kate Meersschaert|3022 Reads