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Mar 06 2015 - 01:18 PM
Edtech Loves Free
A recent study found that 85% of the average edtech employee is comprised of free clothing. This surprising figure brings up several questions. First, is it in our future to get more and more 'free things' from companies and promotions. I find that I am often hooked on new products because of something given to me for free, whether an USB with a company's name on it or a free juice that I love and continue to buy. Is this the best kind of marketing? Name dropping and infiltrating into people's personal lives? It certainly seems to work. Are there any concerns it brings up too? Second, is it good that people in edtech work are so passive when it comes to their wardrobe? Is there something about edtech, since we are "behind screens," that leads us to care less about personalizing our appearances? How important is it that we value identity and expression through dress in our employees? Here is a link to article.
|By: Carmen James|1159 Reads