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Dec 05 2014 - 02:00 PM
Manhattan-Most Festive in United States
With our twinkling holiday lights and holiday treats, it should come as now surprise to EdLabbers that Manhattan has been deemed most festive city (well borough to be exact) in the USA. By what metric? Paperlesspost, the online virtual invitation service said Manhattanites send more holiday invitations and holiday greetings than any other state (with SF close behind). While there are a few potential explanations, paperlesspost was founded by two New Yorkers and is run in New York, it is also evident the company's services are used nationally and actively throughout the year. My question: could New Yorker's readiness to move to virtual invitations faster than other cities be an indicator that they are more ready to see other thing move to virtual platforms? Virtual homework, virtual classrooms, virtual public forums... If not, what factors can we look to indicate when groups are ready to transition to technology versions of what traditionally was non-tech?
|By: Carmen James|1052 Reads