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Aug 07 2014 - 06:29 PM
Counting Questions in Vialogues Conversations
I have been exploring the R library qdap recently and it has many functions for doing exploratory analysis for dialogues. Here is something I just found by using the function "question_type" in this library. This function counts the occurrences of different types of questions, such as "where", "why", and "how", in the sentences. I grouped the sentences according to the ratings of the vialogue conversations they belong to. See the plot below for the result. We can make a few interesting conclusions:
  1. Conversations with lowest ratings have fewest questions in them.
  2. Although it seems conversations rated as 5 do not have the most questions, if we divide the counts of questions by the number of conversations rated in each group, group 5 has the highest ratio.
  3. The "how"-type questions are the most frequently asked in the best conversations.
Please share with me your insights about this plot. Does this result agree with certain learning theories?
|By: Ling Zhu|2061 Reads