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Aug 01 2014 - 04:22 PM
Topic Modeling Results for A Good Vialogue Conversation
Vialogue 16171 talks about the Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in different high schools which reflects the problem of educational inequality and some possible intervention methods. We applied the hidden topic Markov models on this vialogue. More specifically, we assumed that the comments from an individual post share the same topic and we treated the comments within each timestamps as individual documents. Here is what we found. We used four different colors to represent four different topics: topic 1 is red; topic 2 is green; topic 3 is blue; topic 4 is yellow. The top 10 words from each topic are also listed below: We can see that topic 1 is mainly about the definition of affluent schools. Topic 2 is on the types of interventions. Topic 3 is about AP courses. Topic 4 contains some sentiment words such as "important" and "fascinating". Based on the coloring of the comments along the timestamps, we can see that the evolvement of the topics is quite coherent for this conversation, which can be one of the reasons it received an average grade of 4 out of 5 according to our three EdLab experts. A potential disadvantage of applying topic models on the Vialogues conversations is that because most of the conversations are short, the top topics words extracted from them can be highly overlapped.
|By: Ling Zhu|4414 Reads