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Aug 04 2005 - 03:44 PM
edLab Seminar with Barry Rosen
Michael asked me to work with Barry on next week's seminar. After talking with Barry, Michael and Clifford, it seems to me that at least one interesting way to connect Barry's experience in Afghanistan to the work we are doing is to use it as a "what does the earth look like from Mars" opportunity. The notion is that much of what we live with in our own educational system -- its infrastructure, its content, values and purposes -- become invisible to us unless we leave and look back. If we are developing an agenda that challenges (or even transcends/bypasses) the existing system, I think it is worthwhile to take this opporunity to look closely, not only at what we currently do in K-12 education/ teacher education, but at what we've come to assume we should or should not do, both in terms of content and infrastructure (venue, delivery, form. . .), because we are so immersed in our own world. Talking with Barry about Afghanistan and then engaging in a larger conversation about our own extra-locale (as in extra-terrestrial, but not off the planet, unless. . .) experiences and insights about education here seems to me to be a good way of getting outside ourselves and seeing problems/obstacles in a fresh way. Is that clear enough to react to as an approach? I'm interested in other's thoughts about how to make Barry's deep immmersion in Afghanistan a most valuable edLab opportunity next Wednesday.
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