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Nov 08 2013 - 07:09 PM
Importance of Adolescent Environment
In my Intro to Psychology class this week, we discussed the effect adolescents' environment has on their lives. We looked at the case of Genie, a feral child who spent 13 years locked in her bedroom. Genie couldn't speak when she was found, as she never developed a language. This became the Genie Case. I found this case really interesting and plan on doing a series concerning the effects of adolescents' surroundings. Genie's case is a rare case of isolation. I plan on focusing more on daily environmental aspects such as the role of media. The media plays a big role in the types of foods that children are consuming. This research article notes that adolescent girls experience more body dissatisfaction than boys, which is a direct result of the way the media portray women. This highlights my belief that children need to participate in after school activities to keep them active and busy.
Posted in: Meet the Staff|By: Bachir Diarrassouba|1177 Reads