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16 years ago
What can we do to be more service-oriented? I was at Starbucks this weekend, and someone got their drink before me, even though they were behind me in line. When the Starbucks employee realized her mistake, she immediately gave me my four dollar drink for free, even though I didn't express any indignation at having to wait an extra thirty seconds for my latte. Will this make me choose Starbucks in the future if I can get the same drink at Wal-Mart for one dollar? I don't know. Even though I don't really have anything to support this claim, I feel that service and design are going to become ...
A interesting, if not infuriating, investigation into the motivations of our friend Susan Williams in the Sunday Times.
We need to begin a discussion of the features that might be included in our next generation meeting scheduling/collaboration tool. Beyond just scheduling rooms in Russell Hall we should offer tools to help patrons hold more effective meetings. This will be an important entry-level intro service of our Collaborative Solutions Group. Here is a brief feature on meetings from CNET to spark some discussion. Here are some things that might be included in our meeting tool: 1) Schedule a room 2) Order AV/Computer Equipment Setup 3) Po...
This piece in the NY Times highlights the growing possibilities for online instruction afforded by better video conferencing tools and more robust network connections. The article deals with new technologies for video conferencing, but the example used is distance guitar instruction.
Ideas to borrow from this site for SocialScholar? Lin
EdWeek announced that they will begin charging (non-print subscribers) for their content and their daily news section. It will be interesting to see what develops. A competitor will not charge members. Which model will be more successful? This may provide some interesting data for looking at our own low cost publishing model.
Someone I know is in the process of becoming a certified NYC teacher and he was required to take two online workshops (The links are and I haven't logged in to see the content, but from what my friend described, it is nothing special. I wonder if it make sense for TC/the Library to get into this market. Perhaps the first set of course modules we build could be around these topics.
I have posted a new paper on distance learning that I wrote for the August special issue of TCR. Comments are welcome.
16 years ago
I stumbled on this article and thought that it might be interesting to others in this group as well: According to the May 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine (, here's what new insights from psychology and neuroscience have to teach us about organizational change: Real change isn't motivated by either crisis or fear. The best inspiration comes from leaders who can create compelling and positive visions of the future. Small, gradual changes rarely lead to transformati...
I read the beginning of a poorly written book: "The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture, & Consciousness" by Virginia Postrel. The thesis of the book was interesting: People care about design; style is essential to being human. She argues: Though it is important that a product is cheap, and that a product functions, consumers take how an object is designed more and more seriously. Thus she concludes: 2000-2010 was going to be the design decade. The book was terrible to read, and I only got past the first 15 pages. But, within the opening pages, the...