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Inside Higher Ed. has an article about an anthropology professor who decided to go "undercover" as a freshman. The article is generating a lot of comments, and I am in the process of getting a review copy for TCR.
Here is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about distance learning, math education, and outsourcing. I think it raises some interesting possibilities for TC.
Attached is a summary of the newly designed "Collaboration Support/Reserve a Space" system. It reflects a great deal of the thinking and work the design team did last Thursday. At the same time, the small group (Anthony, Gary, Brian, and I) had to make some choices about which features to include/exclude (or delay until a later date). For the most part, these decisions were based on feasibility (for Fall implementation), finanical constraints, and current software development capacity. This does not mean we have forgotten about any of the ideas (e.g. touch screens outside every room, mag locks...
When they say that the internet is a great leveler, this may be what they mean. Check out this podcast on the hurricane coverage.
Cole Camplese talks about innovative uses for collaborative spaces and Podcast in distance learning in higher education: or and then click on the link. Related links:
For my final paper for Prof. Black's Text Understanding & Design class, I'm going to do an analysis of the ways formal taxonomies relate sets of information (ie- the ways that humans categorize information, articles, etc.) versus the ways that the semantic structure of documents relate sets of information (using Latent Semantic Analysis- Landauer, Foltz, Laham 1998). This analysis should have implications for the ways that websites provide access to information and the efforts made by institutions to categorize information (Library of Congress, etc.). T...
How do search committees view candidates who blog? See what one search committee member discovered about candidates in this article from the The Chronicle of Higher Education.
I've created this blog for individuals to give feedback on the collaborative design process (CDP). Please comment on elements of the process (including facilitation, space, equipment) that you found ineffective or helpful. The more specific you can be, the better. After we hear from everyone, we will think about ways to improve the CDP. Please be critical. It is the only we can enhance the process.
I just wanted to express that this week has been a wonderful introduction to the team. It has been dynamic, creative and engaging. The meeting today on BRS was fantastically and I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts, comments and addendums.
I've attached the word document that we passed out at the meeting, for further perusal. It includes the following bits of knowledge: - Patrons like the current system - Room set-up is a barrier to success - Clarity is important - TC community is usually polite - The Library often appears to patrons as more “quietâ€? on higher floors - Judgment about the value of room use is important - Patrons aren't always sure when they'll need a room (or what they need) - Patrons want “bagels and juiceâ€? - Emptiness is perceived as good - Monitoring rooms is difficult